Reset ink and toner chips in order to reuse them.


Unismart 3

What is Unismart 3 all about?

Wider Range

of Models

There are now over 4000 resettable models. Unismart is the only device on the market that can reset OEM chips and ECO (Unismart) chips.

Save Time 

and Money

To reset chips with Unismart, users don't have to worry about the inventory and delivery cost,

compared with using one-time aftermarket chips.

First to


You have the guarantee that you are the first in your market to have access to resetting the newest chip models.

     Unismart 3 video


 Innovative & Smart design 





 Function   buttons 

 5 inch   Touchscreen 



 U2 JIGs 



A great display for a seamless



Extremely intuitive and user-friendly

Multi-split JIGs

Innovative, durable and patented

Auto Update


connection for

easy updates

How does it WORK ?


Credits are the "fuel" of Unismart. This is a virtual currency and can be recharged on the internet.



Extremely versatile, each chip can be programmed

into a number of models

by Unismart.

Great design, with a large 5 inch touchscreen

and user-friendly Android interface



User-friendly, it enables you to easily manage credits, software updates, account settings and watch useful tutorials.



Unismart Box

Unismart Chips



Recycle. Reuse. Reduce

Resetting one more chip, and Reusing one more recycled cartridge, will make a positive contribution to our environment.

Responsible product design

We aim to improve the utilization rate of

waste chips, and reduce the consumption

of materials.






It is estimated that by resetting one chip you save somewhere between 1.46 and 0.24  liters of water,  that would have been used for the production of a new one.

0.24L     1.46L

Unismart aims to create a recycling loop ♻️


Traditional supply chains are linear. Materials are mined, manufactured into products, and end up in landfills. Unismart enables a recycling loop, where chips can be reset and reused

17% smaller

Unismart 3 packaging is 17% smaller and adopts a brown paper design, making it friendlier to the environment.

Endless Reset

Unismart can reset cartridge chips an unlimited amount of timesAs long as the chip hardware is in good condition, you can reset.




Our goal is to release first-to-market resettable solutions and support the recycling industry.

Resetting OEM chips was an early desire in the development of Unismart. This took time and a huge investment. The first generation of Unismart Chip Resetters launched back in 2008. Since then, thousands of models were added, and we are now on the 3rd generation of the Unismart.

In 2018, Unismart has released a variety of first-to-market OEM chip resettable solutions:

  • HP CF400/360/410/226/228/287 Series

  • Xerox 2264/2759/3524/3516/2610/3488/2685/2732 Series

  • OEM Xerox 6700/7100/7250 Series

  • OEM & ECO versions of Kyocera RFID Series

In 2019, Unismart has enabled new first-to-market resettable solutions:

  • HP217A/ CF218A/ CF219A/ CF230A/ CF230X/ CF231A/ CF294A/ CF294X/ CF232A/ CF234A/ CF244A/ CF248A/ CF247A/ CF500A/ CF501A/ CF502A/ CF503A/ CF500X/ CF501X/ CF502X/ CF503X/ CF540A/ CF541A/ CF542A/ CF543A/ CF540X/ CF541X/ CF542X/ CF543X/ CF510A/ CF511A/ CF512A/ CF513A/ CF530A/ CF531A/ CF532A/ CF533A/ CF237A/ CF237X/ CF237Y/ CF450A/ CF451A/ CF452A/ CF453A/ CF460X/ CF461X/ CF462X/ CF463X/ CF470X/ CF471X/ CF472X/ CF473X; Instructions here

  • Canon CRG047/ CRG049/ CRG050 Drum/ CRG051/ CRG051H/ CRG051 Drum/ CRG054K/ CRG054C/ CRG054M/ CRG054Y; Instructions here

  • Xerox  Versalink B400/ Xerox Phaser 6025/ Xerox  SC2020 Series;

  • OEM Ricoh Aficio MP C305/ C306/ C307/ C406/ C407/ C1803/C2003/C2503/C2004/C2504/C3002/C3003/C3502/C3503/C3004/C3504/C4502/ C4503/ C4504/ C5502/ C5503/ C5504/ C6003/ C6004/ C6502sp/ C6503/ C8002sp/ C8003/ SP C830/ C831/ C841/ C840/ C842DN/ Pro C5100S/ C5110S/ C5200S/ C5210S Series; Instructions here

  • OEM Kyocera VII TK1xxx/TK3xxx/TK5xxx/TK6xxx/TK8xxx. Instructions here

Download the PRICE and CHIP MODEL lists 

updated 03.12.2020                                                   updated 14.01.2020


 What are the ADVANTAGES ? 

 Money Saving 

 Having a smaller chip   inventory means having more   money in your pocket 

 Time Saving 

 Buy credits online.   Instant delivery, no time   wasted 

 Independent IP 

 With Unismart you have the   guarantee of independent   intellectual property rights 


 Reduce your carbon   footprint by reusing instead   of throwing away 

 Patent Protected 

 The Unismart system is   protected by more than 25   patents 

 Easy Operation 

 Very easy to use. Intuitive   user interface ensures a   pleasant experience 



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